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Our membership model makes it possible to afford great healthcare.

 An option so good you’ll wonder why medical care hasn’t always been provided this way.

Have you ever made a decision about your health based on how much it might cost to get medical care? What about for your kids? Have you had to manage their injuries or illnesses at home when you really wanted an experienced, trained physician to see them? Many people have been in that place because there were no other options.

Insurance is expensive and money stretches just so far. 

But the membership model for medical care practiced by Bella Health and Wellness Clinic changes all that. 

If you own a business, have you had to forego insurance for your employees because of the cost? Are you employees dissatisfied with the medical care they can get under the current policies? Is it too little for too much money?

Bella Health and Wellness Clinic changes all that, too, providing first-choice healthcare for small businesses.

  • Ideal for companies that don’t want to pay big bucks for 5-minute office visits, high deductibles and no wellness care. 
  • Family rates make membership very affordable.
  • Small business can’t afford to pay big insurance prices.
  • Hit-and-run doctor’s appointments don’t provide the personal care people need.
  • Insurance companies are inflexible and put profits over quality care. It’s their way or the highway.
  • Top employees are looking for this kind of care in their job searches. Attracting and retaining top employees is essential to small business profitability. Real quality medical care is a giant plus.

See what you can have with Bella Health and Wellness Clinic’s membership approach for less than the cost of many single-appointment doctor visits.

Here’s how membership works

You pay a membership fee and receive medical care. Simple. The care is so much better and the cost small compared to insurance plans. It’s available for individuals and businesses. 

Direct Primary Care Membership

Individual: $129/month  

Couple: $200/month  

Family of 4: $320/month


  • Unlimited appointments
  • 24/7 access to your doctor by phone or text
  • Weight loss and exercise coaching
  • Lifestyle modification coaching
  • In-house tests such as urinalysis, rapid strep and EKG
  • Annual routine labs
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • Review and management of medications and supplements 
  • Review and management of all chronic conditions
  • Telemedicine
  • Osteopathic manipulation when needed
  • Same or next-day sick appointments
  • Discounted one month individualized diet and exercise plan
  • Sports physicals (age 18 and older)

Medical Weight-Loss Membership

Initial consult, $300. Includes

  • Full medical history
  • Full medical exam
  • Lab slip
  • Diet and exercise coaching
  • One-month diet plan with grocery list, recipes catered to you and meal prep
  • One-month exercise plan
  • Initial weigh-in with measurements and body composition analysis
  • Prescriptions for medications, if necessary
  • One-hour appointment (approximate)

Follow-up visit without new diet and exercise plan, $150. Includes

  • Weigh-in with measurements and body composition analysis
  • Evaluation of barriers to weight loss
  • Prescriptions, if necessary
  • Lab slip, if necessary
  • Diet and exercise coaching
  • 30-minute appointment (approximate)

Follow up visit with new diet and exercise plan, $250. Includes 

  • Weigh-in with measurements and body composition analysis
  • Evaluation of barriers to weight loss
  • Prescriptions if necessary
  • Labs, if necessary
  • Diet and exercise coaching
  • An additional one-month diet and exercise plan
  • 30- to 45-minute appointment (approximate)

Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy Membership

Initial consult, $300. Includes

  • Full medical history
  • Full physical exam
  • Full skeletal survey
  • Osteopathic manipulation as needed
  • One-hour appointment (approximate)

Follow up appointment, $150. Includes

  • Guided skeletal survey
  • Osteopathic manipulations
  • 30-minute appointment (approximate)

A word about insurance

In order to provide exceptional quality patient care, Bella Health and Wellness Clinic has chosen not to accept any insurance. Direct primary care, such as we offer, is a new way to provide healthcare that is convenient, accessible and affordable. By cutting out middle-men like insurance companies, hospitals and bureaucrats, we are able to provide top-tier medical care for a low monthly fee.

We ask that payment be made in full prior to your appointment. For non-Medicare/Medicaid patients who have commercial insurance, we can provide a “superbill” that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

While our goal is to keep you healthy and out of the hospital, there are unforeseen circumstances that may affect your healthcare needs. Therefore, we recommend you have insurance to pay hospital bills and unexpected health-related expenses.